21st Century Curriculum

The challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century require a 21st Century education and skills. Technology has disrupted everything around us, from music (CDs to Alexa and Pandora and Spotify), navigation (Waze), Jobs (the Gig economy), shopping (Amazon) and transportation (driverless cars). In a World of such major change, where the rate of change is the fastest its been in our lifetime, why are we educating our kids the same way we did thirty years ago?

Education is ready for a paradigm shift and needs to have a paradigm shift if our children are to have the same opportunities we had. TECx has brought together leading experts in education, technology, innovation and business to create a proprietary and unique curriculum specifically designed for this new era.

The result is an educational program unlike any other, that incorporates the best learning methods from around the World to provide a best in class education to TECx students.