Reinventing Education for the AI Age

Hey Google, “Please make my child ready for the business world”. “OK, no worries, just send them to TECx Academy and they’ll do the rest!” (Future Google Home conversation that you can have)

Our Why

Education is broken. We have a 19th Century system trying to educate kids in a 21st Century World. Robot automation will take 800 million jobs by 2030 and AI is going to be the most disruptive force since computers. TECx exists to ensure that our children not only survive in this World but thrive. From day-one of middle school, we’ll teach advanced coding, business and innovation skills along with Mandarin and Spanish.

Our Promise

A world class Middle and High school that will totally change your perception of what constitutes a proper education. The world is a global marketplace, yet our schools are still thinking locally. Our goal is to educate your children to not only keep up with the Chinese and Europeans students but to be leaders globally in the new tech world.

Our Team

We’ve been teaching and preparing students since 1987 in Schools around the World. We’ve selected Austin as one of the world’s emerging tech markets and our staff of global citizens are excited to share our knowledge with your child.

“We’re so excited that our kids will be able to start coding apps and be able to learn Mandarin in school rather than at home with extra tutors, it just makes so much sense for what my husband and I had envisioned for them”

Carrie Hale, Bee Cave, TX
(Maria 11, Brian 13)

Reach out to us at [email protected] to experience an education unlike any other!
Limited places available in Grades 6, 7 and 9. We do No fundraising ever!

Fast Facts

Did you know you can now use your 529 plan to pay school fees at TECx?
Contact us at [email protected] for more details.

Come Join Students from around the World enjoying a 21st Century Education