TECx believes that choosing the right School is one of the most important choices a parent can make. While there are plenty of good Schools in Austin, our commitment is to go beyond good and deliver something exceptional:

  • an exceptional School environment where students overall well-being is a top priority and where they love to come to School each day;
  • an exceptional Faculty chosen from around the World for their skills and expertise, passion for teaching and for their creativity and desire to be instruments of change;
  • an exceptional, highly innovative Curriculum offering teaching in the key global languages, technology, business, innovation and soft skills, balanced with core subjects, sports, drama, music and art, all taught using the most advanced learning methods;
  • an exceptional Student Body of future inventors, innovators, leaders and global citizens; and perhaps most importantly
  • an exceptional experience which redefines what it means to go to School

This Commitment is shared by our Leadership, Board and Faculty and is at the heart of our mission here at TECx Global Academy Austin.