TECx offers a wide range of sports including physical education, Soccer

Physical Education


Our soccer program at TECx is designed to teach our students not only how to play soccer to a high level, but also the best skills for this wonderful, international sport. Our soccer program will excel by focusing on each individual student’s physical, mental and emotional development in order to develop each of their full potential. With our students growth as individuals, players and team members as our highest priority, our soccer program will stand out from the rest. While we train our players to become the best they can be, our program simultaneously aims to enhance key values and life skills such as self- discipline, confidence and leadership to prepare our students for future opportunities and for life. Our talented team of coaches share a passion and commitment for using soccer to improve our student’s lives and to have impact beyond the pitch.

We begin with fundamentals, placing strong emphasis on individuality by fully immersing proper body mechanics as they relate to different tactical situations. As players master their technical abilities, we start to see true collaboration among players which leads to real teamwork.

We believe instructing as a methodology for player development decelerates the growth of players as they form the habit of just following directions. Therefore we prefer to offer guidance, as we understand that soccer is a player driven game. We want to empower students to use their critical thinking skills so that they can solve the endless challenges they face on the field.

Other Sports