Alex Greystoke ​
Board Member

Alex Greystoke  is a successful serial entrepreneur with a breadth of skills in education, technology and business. On the education front, Alex has over two decades of experience and has been deeply involved in the family’s Schools business which runs best in class for profit elementary and middle schools in Europe and America. Alex served as President of the Group, has been on the Board of the London School since the age of 16, taught at the London School, raised all the money for the US schools and founded the Austin school which was the fastest growing school in the city. On the technology front, Alex is the founder of three technology companies TripChamp, an award winning company that created an intelligent marketplace for travel agents, VacationChamp, the first intelligent marketplace for consumers, which recently came out of stealth mode and which he is CEO of and LF Technology which was granted a patent for its intelligent purchasing agent and which created a black box for intelligent marketplaces that can be used in multiple verticals. Alex is co-inventor of eleven patents. Prior to this, Alex was a successful financier raising money for and helping emerging companies commercialize globally. Alex has been a director of numerous companies ranging from the education space, to technology to renewable energy and others and is a member of the prestigious YPO organization and founder of the YPO Startups Group which is one of the fastest growing groups in YPO. Alex has two Masters in law, one from Cambridge University in England where he also has a merit scholarship and the other from University of Texas in Austin.

John McLaughlin
Board Member

John McLaughlin’s greatest purpose and passion is to provide safe environments where people, companies and organizations can thrive, based on their passion, skills, relationships and commitment. He has extensive government and private industry leadership experience. Mr. McLaughlin has an MBA from Pepperdine University and completed graduate studies in Education and Human Behavior at the University of Southern California.

Mr. McLaughlin strengths include vision, leadership, organizational culture, and relationship building. As he started his career as a young police officer, he quickly became involved in working with students and schools. After 10 years working in this role, Mr. McLaughlin left law enforcement and has since started multiple companies focused in the real estate, public safety, education and technology services industries, which has led to two successful exits.

Currently he has focused his time and efforts in changing the educational system by using his abilities and strengths to create educational paths for students in the K-12 grades to advance their learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). As a visionary leader and investor, Mr. McLaughlin sees the need for advanced learning models to prepare the next generations for rapid and exponential advancements in society. He believes all students should have the opportunity to access educational systems which prepare them for a globalized economy, while maintaining sustainable skills and being a socially responsible citizens.

Mr. McLaughlin is a member of Young President’s Organization (YPO). He has served in various roles and boards in YPO, NGO’s, non-profits and business organizations.

Daniele Henkel
Board Member

A true inspiration for entrepreneurs, Danièle Henkel has made her mark in Quebec – and across the globe. Despite all the obstacles that have stood in her way, her leadership and determination have propelled her to the top of business sectors, particularly in the field of medical aesthetics and well-being.

A strong advocate to many causes that are dear to her, she transforms every challenge into professional and personal achievement. Her best-selling autobiography has empowered several generations of proud and strong women. At the forefront of women entrepreneurship, she does not hesitate to finance, support, mentor and invest in businesses in which she believes in, as demonstrated during her five seasons on Quebec’s “Dansl’œil du Dragon“. Quebec version of Dragons’ Den.

Over the years, she has also accumulated awards and distinctions and here are just a few :

– Named Knight of the National Order of Merit by the President of the French Republic in 2017.

– Medal of Honor of the Quebec National Assembly in 2016 and in 2018.

Also appointed recently as the Canadian Champion at the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative in collaboration with the World Bank. She is the only Canadian and French-speaking woman selected.Her role is to promote women’s financial independence on a global scale.

​Patricio Lebrija ​
Board Member

Patricio Lebrija is the CEO of a petrochemical distribution company based in Mexico City. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and is 100% bilingual (Spanish and English). Throughout his career, he has had a passion for traveling and exploring the world, and what can be learned from other cultures. Patricio was responsible for taking the company from a local small family operation in Mexico city, to an international, institutionalized company that today does business in Europe, Central and South America. He was also in charge of a major transformation of the company by spinning off the plastics division and creating a Joint Venture with one of the larges distribution companies in the United States. He serves as a board member of this JV where he shares his experience and also keeps on learning about an ever changing industry. Patricio also has the privilege of being the President of the board in his company, which has a highly talented group of professionals as members.

Patricio has 3 sons with his wife Natalia and is passionate about kids, education and teaching, cultural diversity as well as what innovation can bring to improve lives. He is also an avid soccer player and passionate about sharing the sport with kids to bring them joy, to enhance their sense of team work as well as the discipline to become the best they can be.