Admissions Questions

What are the application deadlines?2019-01-20T22:42:27+00:00

Places are awarded on a first come first served basis. Given the number of parents who have already committed to enrolling, we anticipate waiting lists and so encourage applying as soon as possible. While we don’t have an official application deadline, we anticipate most places being filled by 31st May.

What does TECx look for in an applicant?2019-01-20T22:41:46+00:00

There is no single profile of a TECx student and applicants are considered on their completed application. TECx seeks students who want a truly holistic educational experience and who can thrive in a rigorous, collaborative and creative learning environment. TECx strives to have a student community diverse in interests, talents and backgrounds, and the application process is designed to assess all these aspects equally.

Which Standardized test does TECx require?2019-01-20T22:40:52+00:00

TECx interviews all students and does not require a standardized test for admission.

Do I need to submit all parts of my application at the same time?2019-01-20T22:40:13+00:00

No but doing so is strongly encouraged and will lead to a quicker decision by TECx. If you have any questions on the application or admissions process please contact our friendly admissions staff at [email protected].

Am I required to submit the application for Admission Electronically?2019-01-20T22:39:16+00:00

No, this is not required. You can mail an application in or drop it off at the School.

When and how are admissions decisions communicated?2019-01-20T22:38:25+00:00

Admissions decisions will be communicated as soon as a final decision is made by the School. We do our best to make a decision within two weeks or less of receiving a completed application. We will communicate our decision officially by mail but may supplement this with a phone or email notification.

Do you have a class visit program?2019-01-20T22:37:33+00:00

Yes. We welcome students visiting TECx either for a half day or a full day. Please contact [email protected] to set up a visit.

Does TECx offer financial assistance?2019-01-20T22:36:45+00:00

Yes. TECx has a financial aid program tailored to those who need assistance paying fees.

Are admissions decisions affected by applying for financial assistance?2019-01-20T22:35:34+00:00

No admissions decisions are made entirely on their merits.

How much financial aid can I expect to receive?2019-01-20T22:34:44+00:00

Financial aid is decided on a case by case basis and is based on a number of factors including a calculation of your family’s ability to pay the fees. The calculation of your family’s ability to pay considers your income, what you own (your house and other investments), what you owe (your mortgage and other debts), the size of your family, and how many family members are enrolled in tuition-charging schools or colleges.
After making allowances for basic necessities, taxes, and certain other expenses, taking into account the cost of living in our area, it estimates what portion of your remaining funds is available to pay school costs. (Note: eligibility for financial aid does not guarantee that TECx has enough financial aid available for your family.) The calculation provides the basis for a recommendation to TECx on your ability to pay. The final award determination always comes from TECx based on our school policies, practices and available budget and is not based on the ability to pay calculation alone.

Must I repay the financial aid award?2019-01-20T22:33:34+00:00

No. The financial aid award does not need to be repaid but if your circumstances change we ask that you notify us as it may lead to an adjustment in the award.

Does TECx give scholarships?2019-01-20T22:32:57+00:00

TECx does not offer scholarships at this time although we are discussing the possibility of doing so with some of our partners.