Physical Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

While education is important, health and well-being is essential. At TECx we believe that traditional Schools don’t focus enough on the importance of a student’s physical, mental and emotional well-being so we have placed this at the heart of our curriculum and our mission. Whether it be childhood obesity, ADHD, substance abuse or School violence, we believe a lot of these issues are made worse by physical, mental, emotional or environmental problems in a student’s surroundings. TECx has worked with a team of experts to create a comprehensive and individualized well-being program for every student.

This includes the following elements:

Physical Well-Being

Healthy fresh made food every day

Schools hours optimized for learning and the teenage brain with formal education beginning after nine AM when the teenage brain biologically wakes up

Mental and Emotional Well-Being

A school year with optimal timing for educational and neural development. Most Schools have 170-178 days of teaching a year and a three month plus Summer holiday (which dates back from when kids had to plant crops every Summer and results in about 1/3 of knowledge learned during the Year disappearing). TECx will offer over 200 teaching days and a more balanced School year.

A support network focused on teaching students how to deal with stress, conflict, and challenges including both external coaches and internal mentors.
Meditation and mindfulness Education