Academic Program

TECx will provide its students a best in class, domestically and internationally accredited academic program.

The program will include teaching all core subjects a student would learn at a traditional Middle or High School, ranging from Math to English, Science to History, and others, all taught using the most innovative, collaborative and effective learning techniques from around the World. These core subjects will be taught by amazing, passionate teachers chosen from the best of the best in our Community and Globally who share a vision for using education to change the World. Teaching will be collaborative, dynamic and exciting and will focus on providing personalized learning to each student rather than teaching students by rote or only to be great test takers. Every student is an individual with unlimited potential – isn’t it time we educated them in a way that reflects this and nourishes it?

Alongside the core subjects, every student will participate in our global language program and business, technology and innovation academies, in addition to learning critical soft skills and participating in a dynamic art, music, sports and drama program.

The result is an education unlike any other where students will be equipped for the jobs market of tomorrow as well any challenge that may face them in the future, while loving coming to School every day.

Are you ready for your student to experience what education should be like?